The Company's Heavy Industry Deparment Business Has Won A Big Order Again

On May 19th, the signing ceremony for the construction of the offshore recreational fishery platform project in Qinhuangdao City was successfully held in SHGSIC. Chen Xiaohu, director of Qinhuangdao Marine and Fisheries Bureau, Wu Xinshun, deputy director, Yao Xuecun, general manager of Qinhuangdao Branch of China Classification Society, and Yao Hongshan, general manager of the company attended the ceremony.

According to reports, the tourism platform is a mobile platform with tourism fishing, fishing experience, sea sightseeing, catering, entertainment, popular science education and other major functions. SHGSIC for the builder, has rich experience in the manufacture of similar products, this product will be used in September this year's first Hebei Province Leisure Fisheries Development Conference, but also for the future development of marine tourism in our city to provide assistance.

The transition from fishery to tourism is the development direction clearly put forward by Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. The offshore leisure fishery platform is an important carrier to promote the upgrading of leisure fishery, and it is an emerging industry. This year, the first Hebei Leisure Fishery Development Conference was held in Qinhuangdao City, and the offshore leisure fishery platform was the focus of the conference. It provided a rare opportunity for our city to fill the new development gap of the offshore leisure fishery platform.