Milestone! SHGSIC Completed the Construction of the 100th Vessel

On September 5th, DSIC SHGSIC held the naming ceremony and the 100th vessel’s celebration of 37,000DWT chemical tankers of ELCANO. It is the first time that SHGSIC constructed chemical tanker and it is the 100th vessel of SHGSIC shipbuilding. The Director Elcano Board Mr.Juan Manuel Arana, Vice Mayor of Qinhuangdao City Mr. Li Guoyong, leaders of DSIC Mr. Yang Zhizhong, Mr. Yao Hongshan, Mr. Dongxiaodong, Mr. Zhang Yuhuan attended the ceremony.

"CASTILLO DE ARTEAGA" is a new generation of highly competitive vessel built by DSIC SHGSIC. The detailed design is by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Design and Research institute that first time used. The LOA of the vessel is 176.9m, the BM is 29.4m, the BP is 16.2m, the design draft is 10.2m, and the classification is BV. The vessel is an energy conservation and environmental protection typeand for the first time, desulfurization scrubbing tower, variable pitch propeller, flap type rudder, nitrogen device and other equipment systems have been installed in the construction. And for the first time, the vessel has been carried out special painting of cargo tanks and installation of stainless steel pipes, vigorously promoted the production and installation technology of unit modules, with low fuel consumption, fast speed, to meet the requirements of the new convention, meanwhile, the vessel's maneuverability and flexibility of entry-exit harbor have been greatly improved, which has been highly praised by shipowners.

DSIC SHGSIC will take the 100th vessel’s celebration as a new start, take "strengthen ship repair, improve shipbuilding, expand civil-military integration industry" as the new era’s strategic goal, according to the principle of “being responsible for owners and realizing benefit”, continue to optimize design, manage production meticulously, strive to improve shipbuilding ability and build high-quality vessels for owners.